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Apply for a small loan in 2 minutes, apply for a small loan in 60 seconds, a small loan in 30 minutes with SupraService. New customers apply for up to $ 500 in 2 minutes for 30 or 62 days. Sign a credit agreement only once and receive it up to 600 $ at any time. It is important to mention that the loan must be repaid within up to 60 days. The term is program: short-term loans.

Short-term loans

Short-term loans

Short-term credit within 30min. Thereafter, a short-term loan with a loan amount of up to USD 3,000 (new customers up to a maximum of USD 500) may be required. The short term loan from ETcash offers you many benefits. The payment will be made within 30 minutes after registration. It is worth noting that the loan is paid up to 60 days.

And how do I apply for a short-term loan? Please complete the form on the page. You can choose between a loan amount of 100 – 1,000 USD (maximum 500 USD for new customers). You can choose the duration of the loan depending on the loan amount and have 7 to 30 days to choose from.

If you need the credit very quickly, you can select the Express option, the credit will be paid after the documents have been checked by express payment. This is in your bank account within 30 minutes. If you do not want to go this route, or are really in a hurry, you can create a video file in 5 minutes.

Your short-term loan will be paid out immediately after the test, if you have not used the express option (30 minutes), this will take about 2 – 5 working days. Short-term loan despite credit bureau entry? In addition, the Company also grants short-term loans to persons with medium credit. For every inquiry, a request is made to us, so that we protect ourselves and above all the client.

Apply for a free loan now

Apply for a free loan now

Both the terms and the rate, the interest rate and credit risk are a profitable loan option for our clients due to the small amounts. This will also make it easier for creditworthy middle-market debtors to obtain a mini-loan to overcome short-term liquidity bottlenecks. The difference to traditional loans of this category is the very short-term deadlines of 30 days to six months.

Installment credits can be granted on advantageous terms compared to other short-term loans such as overdrafts. The interest rate for most credit transactions is a few USD. New clients can raise short term loans up to 500 USD. Existing customers are not subject to this restriction and have access to up to $ 1,000.

It is important that you are resident in the Federal Republic, have an account in the Federal Republic and your regular salary is 500 USD. Applicants who have already completed loans elsewhere and are experiencing difficulties in paying off are prevented from taking out a new loan, even if it is only a small loan.

If credit bureau entries from history exist, this does not have to be in the way of the loan. It is important that the loan has been closed or fully reimbursed. What are the terms of the loan? New customers can apply for up to 500 USD. This limit will be lifted upon successful completion of the first loan transaction and timely repayment.

Then loan amounts up to 1,000 USD are possible. As a rule, the maximum term of an express loan is 30 days. The accrued interest income can be seen in the cleared loan calculator on the start page. The borrowing rate and annual percentage refer to the annual percentage of 13.9 percentage points because no fees are charged.

As a result, the interest on a loan is also divided by twelve with one year’s notice. For example, a loan of 500 USD with a period of 30 days only 5.80 USD. If the 30-day deadline is a bit too short, you can benefit from the 2-fare option.

This offer is open to both new and existing customers, thus increasing the flexibility of the instant loan. The use of this option is USD 49 per person. The customer can choose to pay the loan in 4, 5 or 6 tranches. For a one-time fee of USD 59, for example, you can ask for a higher amount of credit, which you can not repay within 30 days.

So the duration can be adjusted according to your needs and adapted to your monthly budget. If the necessary capital is needed quickly, the express transfer service is also available, thanks to the transfer of the loan amount within a few working hours. Loans are usually only granted to people whose credit bureau rating is within one to two years and who have a regular

The above guidelines are based on experience in the lending business with an average maturity of 12 to 36 months. Thus, even consumers with average credit quality can permanently enhance their customer credit rating. This makes it possible to set up a separate evaluation system for the default probability of short-term loans.

For clients whose ratings are outside the credit bureau score range of 1 to 3, it is possible to make a short-term loan application. As a result, the credit confidence of credit institutions also improves at other institutions and thus their lending readiness. If all requirements are met, the credit can be charged after 60 minutes on the account of the customer.

This also gives people with a rather mediocre credit bureau score a real opportunity to get a loan. To what extent is the loan claimed? The maturity range can be between 7 and 30 days, the loan amount for new customers between 100 and 1,000 USD. The next step is to set the credit limit. Here you have the opportunity to choose the special equipment offered, such as the Express option, which allows you to withdraw your credit to your own account, within 30 minutes.

This shortens the entire process and saves the user the way to the nearest post office. This is necessary to protect the person of the user and both the user and the company from misuse of the data. If these correspond to the information, both the client and the postal employee must sign the form.

If the express option was selected in the application process, the loan can be re-written to the applicant’s account on the same day.

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