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Now to the car loan calculator and find the cheapest car financing! You can also apply for a car loan online.  The financial experts of Super-Finance Bank offer you the opportunity to apply for a car loan online in no time. Customer Service ATM Search – Apply for PSD OnlineBanking – Account Switching Service It’s easy to make a decision. In a few steps or with telephone advice, you will receive an immediate decision on the award of a car loan online.

Your flexible online vehicle loan

Your flexible online vehicle loan

Often the savings are not enough to finance a new car or a used car – a car loan helps to be mobile. It is especially easy and fast when you apply for a car loan online. As a cooperative member with a current account with us, you can apply for a car loan through your online access to online banking.

Our specialist staff in the branches will check your request, you will be informed as soon as possible and the credit for your vehicle will be in your account in a few days. With our online car loan you can enjoy some benefits that you may not have in dealer financing. Of course, even if you apply for a car loan online, our field professionals will be there to assist you with information about your car loan online.

You may be able to get an attractive discount as a payer from your dealer or car dealer.

Where can I submit a loan application online?

Where can I submit a loan application online?

Applying for a loan online should be one of the easiest things to do. In this guide, the requirements for applying for a loan are presented online, who needs it, and how the whole process goes through to extinguishment. The basic requirement, of course, is to find a service provider in the credit comparison that is closer to what one would expect in terms of interest rates and credit terms.

For the online submission of the loan application, it makes sense to have a few things available. The quickest way to apply for a loan is when the house bank offers to apply for it over the internet, ie the entire application process can run online. For all our comparisons, such as the personal loan comparison or the car loan comparison, there is a selection box “Video-Ident” under “Extended options”.

With a click on it, you will only be shown the institutions whose credits, including video credits, can be claimed in full online. However, borrowers should accurately calculate in advance how much money they really need in order not to exhaust their financial framework to the limit. An indication that the house bank itself ensures that their customers do not take over, is the seal of approval “credit with responsibility” of the banking association.

Our reconciliation makes it clear which banks, platforms and intermediaries can also apply for loans to self-employed persons: the result of the applicant is not only important in terms of the amount of the installments. When making a credit inquiry, it is useful to have the bank statements of the past three months available to handle inquiries about the economic situation directly.

After the applicant has processed all requests for the online loan and sent the request, he will receive the corresponding loan offer and the current financing application by e-mail within a few moments. With the proposal and the application, the applicant also receives information about which documents have to be submitted together with the application. These are usually the bank statements of the past three months and the last three payslips.

The self-employed must submit the last three tax assessments as an alternative to their pay slips. The borrower must sign the loan application and send it back to the house bank. The way in which the documents are returned depends on the corresponding legitimization procedure. For an online loan, the traditional identity is checked as part of the PostIdent process. The check takes place in the course of the return of the loan application and the required documents by an employee of Deutsche Postbank AG.

Applicants must have a mobile phone, tablet or computer with a camera and a microphone. In a video chat, a bank employee checks the ID document. The applicant can send the documents necessary for the house bank either as scans by E-Mail or by letter post office to the house bank.

In our information graphics, the process of an online loan application is summarized once more: After comparing the economic data in the loan application with the documents and a credit decision, the payment is made to the specified bank account. The creditworthiness is determined on the basis of the information of the applicant and transferred to an internal bank rating.

If the result is positive, a credit rating decision is made. As soon as the client is held in the portfolio, the focus is on portfolio management, collateral management, ongoing credit checks and workout management. However, it is not insignificant that the principal bank is aware of the ongoing credit procedures following an approved loan application. Particularly in the case of rolling loans, underwriting loans or follow-on financing, the ongoing credit check can be of particular benefit to borrowers.

It should be noted that a deterioration in the credit rating of the principal bank can have a direct impact on future loans as well as on short-term loans, such as the above-mentioned master loans or overdrafts – also called overdrafts for individuals.

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