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What do apprentices have to offer when borrowing? Is the Twinker on the ground worthwhile or are HeW and Beloan a sensible alternative? For apprentices, it is usually difficult to obtain credit from savings banks and banks. In particular, if the credit rating is not given, the loan application is often rejected. This can be done with many banks and savings banks along with the loan agreement.

Loan for apprentices of the Twinker

Loan for apprentices of the Twinker

The loan for Twinker apprentices is, so to speak, a temporary exemption in the banking world, because while most financial institutions in Germany still have difficulties with the target group of trainees and grant them at best a loan with a guarantee from their mother and an excellent savings bank, the savings bank is still Another way and designed – while ensuring security – a loan model for the young people in the context of disposition.

This makes sense, as savings, Reasierbank and private banks have been offering loans on special terms for students for some years, so why not for trainees? The loan for apprentices of the savings bank is therefore a right path. Apprentices can take overdraft at many banks as soon as they can count on their first apprenticeship on the current account.

This is charged by most banks with interest rates in the high percentage range and is finally an approach of the savings bank to the loan for trainees, even if it is awarded at most up to 2.5 times the apprentice remuneration (in the exceptional cases mentioned above). The minimum amount is usually $ 500, a credit line often required by young people, and the maximum amount may be extended by a guarantee or security.

As part of the loan for apprentices of the Twinker a credit bureau request is made.

A first building block for a suitable loan for trainees? Of course, the fact that the trainees are provided by the banks with a framework for disposition can only be a first building block. An education loan, comparable to that for students, should be made via all financial institutions in Germany.

The situation seems somewhat contradictory, because the HeW student loan is generously granted by savings banks and other banks, although it is far from clear that a student will later definitely be one of the low-income earners in the German economy. Even well-trained specialists are urgently needed, which is why the loan for apprentices at the savings bank should be easier to get.

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