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Civil servant Vanleed Costa knew that he would need building credit from the moment he bought a piece of land. Check out what his hiring experience was like.

Turning to traditional banks is often the first alternative for those considering a loan. Vanleed Costa, from Vinhedo, in São Paulo, needed credit to carry out a construction. He sought the loan at Caisa (Construcard), which until then had the best interest rates, but faced more difficulties than he thought.

When researching credit solutions, he found Lifecredi and saw that among the advantages were attractive rates, agility in the process and free use of credit. With all the documentation in hand, hiring was quick and hassle free for Vanleed.


How was the planning process of your building?

construction loan

I started a construction. I already had a whole plan, approved plan, permit, had everything in the way already because I intended to borrow by Caisa. But the Box, although it has a slightly better rate, you end up getting their slaves. You have to get the project from start to finish, monthly you have to pay the engineer to visit the work, paying a fee of 700 reais to check the work and then release the money. So Lifecredi was very good to me for this: I took the amount I needed, that value came to my account and I am working with him in the most appropriate way.


What were the main difficulties you faced while trying Construcard?

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At first, the difficulty was the lack of cash from Caisa for loan, which at the end of 2017, there was a time when they suspended all financing, because they had already lent everything they had to lend. The second was the question of engineers. As a public servant, I get from Caisa so I would have some ease getting credit with them. But the difficulty was just that: when I made the schedule for construction with them, I had to deliver from start to finish, and that extended for at least 13 months. So I would have to spend 13 months paying the engineer to go there to visit the site. So basically the rate was a difficulty.


How did you get to Lifecredi?

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I searched the internet, and Lifecredi came up in the top positions of Google. Of course, being online we get a little bit afraid. From there, I did a CNPJ investigation, from the Reclame Here site, did a general search to see if there was a problem with Lifecredi. Finding nothing, I made the contact and we started talking.


What was the decision factor for Lifecredi?

What was the decision factor for Lifecredi?

The ease of credit: Since I already had all the documentation available, it made everything very quick and easy. The rate is also quite attractive.


How was the hiring process with Lifecredi?

How was the hiring process with Lifecredi?

It was all very fast. I was asked for the basic documentation to get the credit, and since I already had everything in hand – I already had a blueprint approved, a building permit – it was all very fast. I emailed it all, and in a matter of two or three days, the credit had been approved and everything was fine.


What do you highlight as the main advantage of Lifecredi’s secured mortgage over other options you have researched in the market?

mortgage loan

The interest rate is better. With regard to real estate financing itself, it is also a matter of having the money in hand to be able to buy the best, using the best possible money. First I take the money and, with the money in my hand, make a cash and discounted purchase. And that is a giant advantage.


Would you indicate Lifecredi’s credit to anyone who wants to make a makeover?

Would you indicate Lifecredi

Not only would it indicate, but I already indicated it to the people in my life. Most likely, at the beginning of the year, they will be looking for Lifecredi.

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